Sea Freight Service


Sea Freight Service

Sea Freight, also known as ocean freight, is one of the longest established forms of transporting goods internationally. It’s also one of the most economical. While air freight is still favoured for most time-sensitive shipments, sea freight remains a vital component of any international logistics network and it is still the first choice for many shippers looking to send cargo cost-effectively.

Up until recently, there was little visibility of sea freight services in the UK and the industry was typically associated with larger export companies rather than SMEs and private individuals. You therefore might not immediately consider sea freight as an option for shipping your goods. Nevertheless, whether you’re exporting for commercial reasons or you’re relocating to another country and need to ship personal effects, sending your goods via sea freight could save you a lot of money. With our LCL (less than container load) services, you needn’t have enough cargo to  fill a whole container in order to get a beneficial shipping rate, while we also offer fantastic rates for FCL (full container load) shipments. Why not get a quote by filling in the simple form above. For further information on our sea freight services, click here.

we’ve South Ocean Shipping Services developed a high degree of freight forwarding expertise and established a reputation for delivering value for money sea freight services and high levels of customer care.

We offer:

  • Port to Port LCL and FCL sea freight services to over 500 international ports
  • Free price comparison of a variety of routings and vessels from Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi
  • An easy-to-use quote and booking system – with prices inclusive of all associated charges up to the destination port
  • Optional collection service from an address of your choice
  • Support with preparing shipping documentation and a dedicated freight customer care team to assist you for the duration of your shipment and beyond.
  • Your low-cost shipping solution:
  • Sea freight is the most cost-effective way of sending large volumes of goods internationally. If your delivery is not especially time-sensitive then sea freight is a viable alternative to air freight or door-to-door courier services.

Get the most out of sea freight services:

  • Planning is key: sea freight transit times are – unsurprisingly – much longer than shipping freight by air so it’s a good idea to make a booking well in advance of your desired delivery date. Our specialised freight team are happy to give you estimated transit times to your destination depending on the vessel and routing. Please call us on +9712 5559611  or email  for more information.
  • Think big: greater volumes almost always mean cheaper delivery prices when shipping goods internationally, but this is especially true of sea freight. Keep in mind that the greater the volume of your goods the more economical your freight costs will be.
  • Protect your goods in transit: it’s important to package your goods correctly to minimise the risk of damage in transit. South Ocean Shipping Services will offer a palletisation service to help with this, and our specialised and experienced freight team are always willing to give advice on packaging.

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    October 31, 2015

    we would like to start new branch in Oman.

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